About Shrewsbury Business Chamber

Voice - Support - Promote - Attract

Committed to a prosperous local economy and engaging business community; making Shrewsbury a better place to live, work and run a business.

But healthy economies don’t just happen. We have represented businesses in and around Shrewsbury since 1903, and seen many changes to the local economy.

To continue to get the best results for our town we need your support and we need to know more about you and your business. Please consider the benefits of becoming a member today.


A thriving business community
in Shrewsbury and its surrounds
that engages, influences, and takes responsibility
for its economic success

We put the needs of Shrewsbury business at the heart of what we do. We…

Inspire and engage with
local businesses and key stakeholders
to influence our town’s future
by representing four values


For a thriving economy we lobby government and other stakeholders on issues that affect our town. To do this effectively we need to hear from you, our members.


Supporting businesses by engaging with members to understand what they require, what issues might restrict progress, and suggest solutions to breaking down those barriers, including lobbying government to influence decisions being made.
We also support business by providing the following information:

  • Grants available
  • Government initiatives
  • Issues that could halt or prevent progress
  • Member discounts

We welcome suggestions from members regarding what other information they would like access to.


We hold regular networking events during which we also invite your views on current issues affecting the town. The Chamber can link you with other members and their businesses. Here you can promote your business and let members know of any special offers available to them.

Check out our events page to see what networking events are coming up. At any of these events you are welcome to promote your business through use of a small pop-up banner, hand-outs for attendees or let us know of any other creative ways you can think of.


It is our aim to attract more business investment and businesses to Shrewsbury. To do this we need to work with government officials to promote an economic development strategy for Shrewsbury.

  • We are liaising with key stakeholders who have influence beyond the town and county boundaries such as Shropshire Council and the Marches LEP.
  • We are currently gathering information that will be useful in promoting Shrewsbury as an attractive business destination.